The Challenges of Planning & Creating Content For Your Biz

As a business owner, you know it’s important to get your products or services in front of your ideal clients and customers. After all, if no one knows who you are and what you do, you don’t have a business!

So, how do you drive traffic to your website so potential customers can learn about your business and pony up the money to buy all the amazing things you have to offer? That’s where content marketing comes in.

What is content marketing?

In short, content marketing is a way of promoting your brand without explicitly promoting your brand. Wait…what?

I know. Sounds confusing, right? But here’s the deal: the greater purpose behind content marketing is to develop relationships with your audience and become the go-to resource for them.

When you create free content for your audience (whether it’s in the form of a blog post, a video, a podcast, etc.) that helps them solve a problem, they get to know, like, and trust you. And these days, that’s who people want to do business with.

It’s been said that content marketing is the only marketing left but how do you know it works? And more importantly, will it work for your business?

For one thing, small business websites with a blog get 126% more lead growth than those without¹. Creating articles that your audience will find helpful and informative is one of the easiest ways to use content marketing to build trust with your audience and grow your business.

77% of consumers read blogs and 61% have purchased a product based on a blog recommendation.¹ It’s a no brainer.

You may be thinking, that sounds great but what should I be posting on a blog? Coming up with engaging content is a common struggle for a lot of business owners for sure.

The subject matter of your content is crucial but creating it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just keep in mind the purpose it serves. Sometimes the purpose is to educate, other times it’s to inspire, and sometimes the purpose might be just to entertain. But you want to always be sure that the content you create is relevant and helpful to your audience.

Content marketing is more of a long-term strategy rather than a quick income generator. It takes time to build that know, like and trust factor, and convert followers to customers but the good news is, it’s a perfect marketing strategy for budget-conscious small biz owners. The reason for that is that content marketing has longer-lasting benefits with a smaller upfront cost than paid marketing strategies.¹ Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates 3 times as many leads.¹

Creating content consistently: THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

So, we know content marketing pays off but it can be tricky to show up for your audience consistently. There are so many types of content that different segments of your audience prefer to consume…blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media content…it can be overwhelming.

On top of that, there’s SEO to think about. SEO or Search Engine Optimization in the simplest terms is what allows your business to show up in a search, which drives traffic to your site. And it’s constantly changing, so there’s always something new to learn and test out. This can be both useful and frustrating at the same time.

With the constantly evolving SEO algorithms, it’s important to stay up to date on best practices so you understand what works and what doesn’t if you want your website to pop up on the first page of a search. And trust me, you do because 95% of people don’t scroll past the first page of search results.³

Even with the goal of showing upfront and center in a Google search, when it comes to SEO your primary goal is ALWAYS to write to your audience, not bots. If you can work the SEO into your content, it’s a win-win but in order to do that, you’ll have to try out new methods and tactics whenever you create content for your website. It can be time-consuming and tedious, for sure.

Another major sticking point for business owners when it comes to content marketing is finding the time to generate topics and ideas, as well as planning when and where to deliver all that content. It can be daunting to think about daily topics for the next 6 months, 3 months, or even 1 month in advance. This is especially true when you factor in the time required to research upcoming trends and events.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in order to drive the most traffic, you have to post often and consistently. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Businesses publishing 16-plus posts a month get almost 3.5 times more traffic than businesses publishing zero to four articles [per month.]”¹ In other words, lots of content translates to lots of leads for your biz.

If you got stressed out just reading that, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 60% of business owners find it hard to produce content consistently. Not to mention, 65% struggle to produce engaging content at all.³

I hate to add another line item to your to-do list but I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention the value in tracking the relevant stats of all that content you produce. Tracking and analyzing how your content performs provides vital information about what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t. But doing all the things to market and grow your business can feel like a full-time job when you’re already working hard in your business.

What’s strategy got to do with it?

The key component to seeing success from your content marketing efforts is the strategy behind it. Having a Content Strategy means you’re planning, developing, and managing the content you create for your audience.

But, why is having a content strategy so important?

Implementing a cohesive strategy keeps your content organized and ensures that what you create aligns with your business goals. It also gives you a structure to help you create quality content for your audience that ultimately generates revenue–the #1 goal of any business! Having a content strategy is the only way to provide quality content that drives more traffic to your site and potential customers to your biz.

The old rules of marketing no longer apply. Your potential customers want to feel a connection with you before they will choose to do business with you. In fact, 78% of consumers prefer becoming familiar with a company through articles rather than ads and 70% believe companies who publish targeted content are more interested in building relationships with their consumers.⁴ For those reasons, content marketing is where it’s at and having a content strategy in place is a must.

Up Next: Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post about the importance and benefits of having a content strategy in place, and the risks of not having one.

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