How to launch a purpose-driven podcast and video that creates impact and skyrockets your income


Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 7:00 pm (ET)


In this FREE training I’ll teach you my exact, step-by-step framework to:

  • Overcome analysis paralysis and find out exactly what topics to cover in your podcasts and videos
  • Dramatically cut down on content creation time while simultaneously increasing quality
  • Finding the zone of genius where you can create purposeful content that your audience will rave for
  • Kick the overwhelm to the curb once and for all
  • Find your authentic self and get your message heard (and make bank while you’re at it

Tuesday, November 5th
7:00 pm

Eastern Time

Ready to achieve a purposeful content strategy and skyrocket your income?


  • You’re tired of creating content that can’t connect with your tribe and doesn’t feel like your authentic self 
  • You crave clarity and direction to achieve your zone of genius
  • You’re sick of hearing people tell you that you need to create MORE and MORE content because the whole ‘endless creation’ thing is frankly exhausting

If this sounds like you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE, my friend! All you need to do is choose to finally show up for yourself.

Bring a notebook and a good pen, because this masterclass is a NO-FLUFF zone!

Sandy Viteri

About your instructor

Sandy Viteri founded Viteri Vibes following a highly successful career as a Vice President of Global Marketing for a $350M media measurement and analytics company. She brings extensive experience in marketing, branding, and deman generation to a boutique business model that provides personal attention to each of its clients.

Working for nearly two decades with major enterprise companies in the media measurement/analytics and software development industries, Sandy has developed subject matter expertise in demand generation that has been proven effective in bolstering marketing revenue.

Viteri Vibes is on a mission to help companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprise corporations, connect their brands with their consumers. As the owner of Viteri Vibes, Sandy is committed to the mantra “Vibes Speak Louder Than Words!” by fostering emotional connections between consumers and her client’s brands.

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