Wondering how to become a successful entrepreneur?

Watch these tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur from three-time Emmy Award Winner Frank Gatto. Frank is the Founder of Frank Gatto Lighting, a Sporting Production and Television Lighting Company!

• How Frank overcame his fears and followed his dreams to specialize on lighting for sporting events.
• How he became the number one in the market for events like the Super Bowl, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Major League Baseball, Kentucky Derby, ESPN and Showtime.
• Plus tips on how Frank went from working a full-time job to becoming a three-time Emmy Award Winner.

Episode 001: THREE-TIME Emmy Winner Frank Gatto|Successful Entrepreneurs Interview

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• Learn more about Frank Gatto & Associates: https://frankgattolighting.com
• Blog Post About: How to Become an Entrepreneur and Follow Your Dreams: https://viterivibes.com/blog/

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