• The importance of solving unmet needs when building your business.
• How finding your WHY can help you establish a Purposely-Driven Organization and
• The things nobody talks about – the unmeasurable fulfillment you will get from giving to others.

Wondering how to build a business that solves unmet needs?

Solving unmet needs and giving to our community should be the main principle used when building a business. Join us in this episode of Entrepreneurial Vibe-brations where Sandy Viteri delivers an Entrepreneur Interview with Courtney Trzcinski from Canine Assisted Therapy.

Canine Assisted Therapy was established in 2009 as a 501(c)3 organization which serves over 300,000 people in the South Florida community annually through certified pet therapy activities. Currently, 120 certified teams provide animal-assisted therapy to over 100 facilities, organizations, and schools. Their programs provide support to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice patients, and most recently they developed specialized programs to help children with special needs and veterans with PTSD.

Episode 008: How To Build a Business That Solves an Unmet Need|Entrepreneur Interview

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Sandy is on a mission to discover the catalyst that drives the PASSION, COMMITMENT and DESIRE for an Entrepreneur to start a company. Not the WHAT or the HOW, but the WHY! Her objective is to share these valuable insights and lessons learned with her audience so she can help pave the path to success for up and coming Entrepreneurs and future Business Owners.

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