Wondering how to overcome fear as a successful entrepreneur?

• Why the journey is more important than the dream itself.
• Why complacency is the ultimate toxicity of humanity.
• How you can take a piece of information and implement it into your life.
• The importance of putting things into perspective and
• The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Luke Burrows, founder of Grow2Gether and Arsenio Buck co-host of The Motivational Mentors Podcasts share their secrets in this successful entrepreneur interview hosted by Sandy Viteri of Viteri Vibes.

Grow2Gether is a global self-discovery, personal growth and mindset community for young people, millennials and the next generation looking to discover who they are, do what they love and unlock their true potential through community, mentorship, online resources, and training.

Their approach is to connect like-minded people from all over the world and to provide them with the right environment to stand, rise and grow together.


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Sandy is on a mission to discover the catalyst that drives the PASSION, COMMITMENT and DESIRE for an Entrepreneur to start a company. Not the WHAT or the HOW, but the WHY! Her objective is to share these valuable insights and lessons learned with her audience so she can help pave the path to success for up and coming Entrepreneurs and future Business Owners.

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