• The importance of finding a need in the market and asking yourself the question of “How can you best serve your clients”
• How to build your business around the people that work with you, “if you take care of your people, they will take care of your business!”
• What “PSP” stands for = People, Service, Profit
• Plus Nancy’s nugget of wisdom “Your Business is never about YOU!”

Wondering what the secret to success in business is and how to profit in business? In this episode of Entrepreneurial Vibe-brations with Sandy Viteri, she brings you another successful entrepreneur interview with the founder of Proffitt Management Solutions, Nancy Proffitt.

Episode 003: Secrets to Success(Profit)in Business|Successful Entrepreneur Interview

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Sandy is on a mission to discover the catalyst that drives the PASSION, COMMITMENT and DESIRE for an Entrepreneur to start a company. Not the WHAT or the HOW, but the WHY! Her objective is to share these valuable insights and lessons learned with her audience so she can help pave the path to success for up and coming Entrepreneurs and future Business Owners.

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